Light loose clothing such as loose trousers, shorts, tee shirt. Some clients even wear loose pyjama bottoms or yoga pants. Jeans are too restrictive to work with.

A treatment usually lasts approximately 50 mins. The first treatment will last longer as a full consultation is taken before the sessions begins.  

Fingers or thumbs make rolling type moves over muscle, tendon and other soft tissue. Specific breaks are made during the treatment which allows the body to relax and aid rebalancing. Bowen Therapy treats the whole body not just specific conditions. It cannot worsen or cause any harm to any condition.  Most clients find that they fully relax - some even go to sleep!! Many find that they feel less stressed and have improved posture after their treatment. Relief is often felt immediately from their condition. 

Bowen Therapy is a whole body rebalancing treatment which may trigger an internal healing  process. The nervous system begins relaxation which allows this rebalancing to occur. This healing process isn't instantaneous. But once it has started the body continues to heal for days after treatment.

Sometimes relief from pain can be instantaneous. Other times it may take up to 3 treatments  before relief is felt, but this is the exception not the rule. Chronic conditions may take longer than 3 sessions.

Prices for adults - initial consultation plus first treatment is £40. Subsequent treatments are £35.

Children and babies pro rata. Special price for mum and baby treatments together. Please enquire for details.                        

Please look and see if I have any special offers currently running.



at the    BOWEN STATION 

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